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November 8, 2023

NHL Jack Adams Award Prediction

The Jack Adams Award is given to the best coach in the NHL. It is a hard award to predict because a newcomer could make a huge impact, or a veteran coach could continue leading his team to success.
November 6, 2023

Early November 2023-24 NBA Win Total Best Bets

  NBA over/under win total future bets are still widely available, and with a full week of NBA games now underway, the picture is clearer on […]
October 28, 2023

NFL Week 8 Public Betting Preview (To Fade or Follow?)

The NFL is the most popular sport for betting in the United States. Given that most bettors engage in wagering for recreational purposes and generally do not achieve long-term success, a popular betting strategy among experienced bettors is to "fade the public."
October 25, 2023

NBA Eastern Conference Preview

The NBA season is starting tonight. The intrigue is deep this season, but there are some clear tiers in each conference. We will break down the tiers below.
October 19, 2023

The Charlotte Hornets cannot ignore Miles Bridges any longer

This has been an atrocious offseason for the Charlotte Hornets. First, former team governor and NBA legend Michael Jordan finally sold his part of the organization, handing the franchise keys over to a group led by Rick Schnall and Gabe Plotkin.
October 13, 2023

The Dallas Cowboys are still pretenders

The more things change, the more they stay the same" may as well be the Dallas Cowboys motto. Dating back to the start of the Tony Romo-era, it always felt like the Cowboys were just a good summer of free agency negotiations and lucky drafting away from another Super Bowl.
October 7, 2023

Miami Dolphins vs New York Giants NFL Week 5 Preview

Last season, the Giants went 9-7-1 through the regular season. New York then beat the Vikings 31-24 in their opening playoff game before losing 38-7 to the Eagles in the Divisional Round.
October 4, 2023

NFL Week 4 Betting Recap

It was a pretty chalky week in Week 4 of the season, with many of the favorites taking care of business. Straight up, it was split down the middle with home teams going 8-8 straight up.
October 3, 2023

Post Damian Lillard Trade Odds Update

The long-awaited trade of All-NBA point guard, Damian Lillard has finally come to an end as a three-team trade was struck between the Portland Trailblazers, Milwaukee Bucks, and Phoenix Suns that has sent Lillard to the Milwaukee Bucks.
September 22, 2023

Week 4 College Football

What a massive week of college football in week 4. Week 3 was without any huge games, but turned out a couple of interesting outcomes. This week we get 6 match-ups between ranked opponents, while also having other games with massive intrigue/conference championship implications.

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